Friday, January 27, 2017

A Few Winter Projects

Below are a few before & after pictures of some projects that we've been working on.  The first is our pull-behind sprayer (Bean Sprayer) that Austen completely stripped down and re-painted.  The sprayer is from the 1960's and was in desperate need of a make over.  It turned out great and is ready for use this spring.

Here you see the restoration of our yardage markers that sit along side the fairways.  We sanded them down to the bare wood, re-stained (3 coats) and re-painted the tops/numbers  to give them the final look that you see below.  A lot of time goes in to the amenities that you see around the course.  These are the finishing touches that can set a course apart from others and it's something that we take great pride in here at FCO.

Andy's Shelf:  This new shelf was an idea that Andy came up with in order to keep our chemical records organized in the newly restored chemical room.  It's mounted on the wall and has a swing down shelf that will be used to record chemical applications on.  Little touches like this make our operation more organized and are very practical in our department.  Good work Andy!

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