Friday, August 28, 2015

#14 and Nursery Sod

With the colder weather on the horizon, we opted to strip out the thin areas on #14 green and re-sod them.  The reason: if the seeded areas did not fill by the time winter hits, there would be a delay in the Spring for opening the green.  With frost delays in the near future, the odds were not in our favor, thus the decision was made to strip it out, fix some grading issues and re-sod.  From my perspective, we will NOT be aggressive in getting the surface mowed down and prepared for opening.  This will be a slow process stepping down the height and continuous topdressing.  This is the best the green has looked all season and I am extremely optimistic on the quality of the putting surface moving forward.  

The nursery area was also re-graded and over 3,000 sq. ft. of sod was put down to replenish that area. We also upgraded the irrigation heads around the nursery area which will give us better coverage in the area giving us more consistent moisture levels.  

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wet Start to the Week....

Last night, we got hit with 4" of rain....with more on the way.  For the most part, the course took it well and left us with only a few areas to pump. As expected, the course is soft and will take longer to dry down due to unseasonably temperature and cloudy conditions over the next few days.