Friday, February 24, 2017

Retaining Wall Upgrades

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The warm temperatures gave us an opportunity to get out and complete the overhaul of our old railroad tie walls and convert them to a three piece paver wall.  As you can see from the pictures below, it gives the course a much needed updated look.  We used natural stone slabs of stone as our stairs which not only looks great, but they are structurally sound and will not rot out like the railroad ties.  Early spring, we will complete some landscape work on #6 & #9 as well as install a new cart path on #9.  #15 is the only existing wall that was not completed due to a possible change in the set up down there.  That will get completed next year as well as installing some new stairs on #4,#8,#13 & #14.  Special thanks to Linhart as they were the company who completed walls.  They made the process of on site changes extremely easy and did a fantastic job! Fast too!!   

Before: #10 Path
After: #10 Path

Before: #9 Tee
After: #9 Tee

#6 Wall looking South
#6 Wall from Behind

#17 Stairs

Friday, February 3, 2017

#6/#18 Tree Work

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These pictures are looking up the left side of #18.  They were in serious need of a heavy pruning to improve the health of the tree and it will also significantly help improve the condition of the rough in this tight area.  We only removed two of the smaller trees and that's due to the large maple canopy's that were growing into the smaller trees.    
As you can tell from the pictures below, this cleaned up the area more than I imagined.  Once the trees leaf out this Spring, it'll still protect balls heading towards #6 green, but will allow for more sunlight to reach the area below.  Huge improvement!

Tee Markers Completed!

With the course being re-rated last summer, we eliminated the 'white' set of tees and will have two sets moving forward.  This layout was done all of last season and worked out great.  As you can see below, we took this time to overhaul the markers and make them perfect.   Every year, we would sand and paint them, but being out in the elements they would look 'tired' by the end of the season.  Last winter, we spent six weeks to complete the restoration....that's a lot of man hours!  This year, I got the logo lasered in a piece of brass that we adhered to the original tee marker and protected the face with an application of spar urethane.  They look amazing and will give us the consistent look all season long with minimal yearly maintenance.