Monday, November 28, 2016

Irrigation System- Blow Out

We're one step closer to putting the course to bed for the winter months.  We got the irrigation system blown out and back-flows removed for the winter.  It's looking like later this week is when covers will get put down and that'll wrap it up for a very successful 2016 season.  Be sure to check with the pro shop on the exact covering date!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Path Edge Repair

Aside from the daily leaf cleanup we took a few days so we could finish up some edge work around the cart paths.  Last month, we finished #2,#3, & #10 on the north side of the course and this week we knocked out #5 and #7/#9 on the south.  Due to the lack of available traffic area space on the course, these are continuous problems that we're going to be faced with every year.  We do our best rotating cart traffic with our rope & stakes, but they take a beating.  We have adjusted our fertility plan (increased) for the 2017 season in hopes to keep the areas as healthy as possible.  The finished product sure does improve the aesthetics of the hole!  

#5 Path Before & In Progress 


#5 Path Completed

#9 Path Prep Work and Completed