Monday, June 29, 2015

Fun Fest Week

Tip of the cap goes to the maintenance team at FCO for their hard work and going above and beyond the normal duties to help get the course 'dialed in'.  As a whole, this is the best the course has looked and played and it came at a perfect time.  Without those guys busting it day in and day out, we wouldn't have the consistent product that we get.  Please let them know that their efforts are appreciated as you come across them on the course.  That goes a long ways!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Greens Update:

Today (17th) all GUR signs were pulled on #2 and #11 green.  Both are playable in the sodded sections and will be from this point forward.  Also, #14 green was opened up this afternoon for the ladies member/guest and will remain open for the season.  We are currently mowing the green at .150, whereas we are mowing the other greens at .125.  Surprisingly the ball is rolling smooth and not much different than the others due to the amount of topdressing we've worked into the canopy.  Everyday the green makes positive strides and will only continue to do so.  We will continue to topdress and needle tine the greens as well.  The discoloration from 14 is is kind of deceiving from a distance due to the quantity of sand that's been applied to the surface.  More green tissue is taking over everyday.

Thank you for your patience.