Wednesday, March 25, 2015

American Elm (#2 Tee)

Yesterday (during the morning rainstorm), we lost the tree that sits on the southeast corner of #2 Tee (left of #10 fairway).  Not only did this tree help protect #2 Tee from tee shots from #10, but it was the most visible target when teeing off from the reservoir.  This picture really does not do the tree justice as it was easily one of the tallest trees on the property.  Where the tree is snapped off, it easily sits 20 feet in the air.  Next month when we're planting new trees on #7/#8/#9, we will add 2 or 3 trees to replace this one.  Thank you to Dref's Tree Service for getting here first thing to help get it cleaned up!       

Cart Path Work (Turf Pavers)

This week, we have started repairing the washed out entrance/exit points on cart paths.  We have identified the worst paths and that's where we will begin our repairs.  The images above are of #5 path by the green.  This area has been sodded several times, but eventually turns to mud and then washes down the slope.  By installing the turf pavers, we are providing stability to the surface and this will help prevent more washouts.  In the square portion of the pavers, we are filling with a sand/seed blend which will help mask the paver appearance.  Even with no grass, we still have a firm surface that won't wash out or turn in to a muddy area.  Other areas that we will complete are: #2 Green (completed), #14/#15 on both ends and #17. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

First Mowing...

Yesterday, we mowed greens and fairways for the first time this season.  The course came out of winter with no issues and will be open for carts today (Friday the 13th) @ noon.  Thank you for always filling divots and repairing your ball marks.  Enjoy this beautiful stretch of weather this weekend!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

New Sign: #7 Tee

Jose put more of his dremeling skills to the test this week.  As you can see from the picture above, we are getting rid of the old sign (on the right) and have made a new sign that will hang underneath of the tee sign.  Not only is the one spelled correctly, it is off the ground and is easily visible to for the golfer.