Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#6 & #9 Retaining Wall Project

#6: Before
#6: After

As you can see, #6 retaining wall was in need of a serious upgrade.  Since the wall is structurally sound, we decided to find a paint that would hold up to the extreme weather patterns while preserving the wall for as long as possible.  We used a product from RUST-OLEUM called 'Restore'.  This product is 10X thicker than paint and provides a textured surface to help prevent slipping.  This provided a immediate upgrade and will prolong the life of the current wall.  

#9: Before
#9: After
#9 was approached the same way as #6.  Not only did we paint this wall, we removed the back steps that were no longer structurally sound.  We made a new hand rail for the front, and we will be re-covering the steps (on ALL the tee boxes) with a product made from recycled rubber.  It is a black rubber, 3/8" thick and provides a non-slip surface.  This will be a MAJOR upgrade from the current solution of carpet.  Special thanks for to Gerry Gray ('Bow-Wow') for funding this project!  Thank you for your support!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Tee and Re-Alignment

As you are out playing, you'll notice white paint on top of the reservoir and on #11.  We will add a tee box on the Northwest Corner (front left) on top of the reservoir which gives you a great view and visible fairway shot. 

#11- We will change the mowing pattern on the tee box to align you towards the center of the fairway as opposed to push you along Pacific St. 

Small changes like these make a big difference when it comes to playability.  Hope you are enjoying this PERFECT fall weather!
#10 Tee on Reservoir

#11 Tee Alignment

#11 View from Behind

Thursday, October 2, 2014

October-Breast Cancer Awareness Month

To show support for breast cancer awareness, we have put out our hot pink flag sticks with pink ribbon.  It's a nice little touch to help raise awareness for this disease. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

#14 Fairway Expansion


Mowed and Prepping for Seed
Final Shape for New Fairway
To match the existing holes on the course, we added a fairway on #14 this week.  The area was mowed to shape, aerified (2X) and over seeded with Perennial Rye (same as existing fairways).  The area will continue to be roped off and should be established by the end of fall.