Monday, February 19, 2018

Another round of chipping....

With the rain & ice keeping us off the course today, we're spending the day cleaning up the massive pile of branches we've accumulated at the maintenance shop.  The fact that we're so land locked forces us to keep branches/logs/mulch in an extremely small area.  It's a constant struggle for us to keep this area clean and regulates how much pruning we can accomplish over the winter months.  Since we do not own a chipper at FCO, we rent a chipper several times throughout the winter to clean up our mess and start the whole process over again.  Free fresh mulch anyone?!

Monday, January 22, 2018

New Tee Markers

 One of our 'to do's' this winter was to create new tee markers that tied together with the overall theme of the course amenities and ones that would hold up through the course of the season.  In looking at many different options, we came up with the tree branch look.  This continues the natural theme throughout the course and should hold up well as it sits in the elements all season long.  To purchase similar style markers through a catalog would have cost over $1,700!  We have about $150 in supplies wrapped up in the project and we'll be able to make more markers quickly if need be. 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Winter Tree Work

Over the last three weeks, we've been working (along side Drefs Tree Service) on completing our tree pruning/removal plan.  Below are some pictures of the areas that we've been working on.  There have been some removals, but we're trying to give the large Oaks some attention by getting a heavy prune on them.  We started at the top of the hill on #7 north and worked all the way down to the green and  cleaned up the left side of the fairway.  It will make a huge impact on the hole as if you're on the left side of the fairway now you'll actually have a shot at hitting the green.  We have a long list of work yet to complete, but we're off to a good start! *click on picture to enlarge*

#17: Looking from Tee to Green: Completed

Looking down left #7 (North): Before
Working on Large Oaks

Left #7 (North): Heavy Prune on Maples

Monday, December 18, 2017

Dry December

On Tuesday of this week we decided to re-charge our irrigation system. Over the past couple of weeks we have been using water tanks (our sprayers) to hand water small areas of turf, but with fairways and tees now starting to dry, we were unable to keep up without the help of the irrigation system. Although it is relatively rare to have to run the system in December; the mild temperatures, extreme wind and lack of any significant precipitation over the past 45 days left us with little choice. This is especially true when you combine the fact that our Poa annua greens and Ryegrass fairways/tees are much more susceptible to desiccation then other cool season turfgrass species. At this time of the year the turf requires much less moisture to stay alive and healthy, but it is still very important for the crown of the plant to stay hydrated. So why it make look bizarre to see the sprinklers going off this late in the season, the turf will benefit greatly from the little bit we give it this week. We are planning on running another cycle or two before we are forced to blow out the system again early next week. It's safe to say that everyone on the Agronomy staff is hoping Santa brings some moisture this year!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Late Season Watering

Due to the lack of moisture we've had over the past 6 weeks, we had to get creative in our effort to get water to the greens.  Since the irrigation system is already winterized we rigged up our sprayer in order to hand water greens.  This time of year the turf plant does not require much moisture, but we were starting to see some areas show some wilt.  The whole course is dry and very firm, so hopefully we can get out of this dry cycle and get some precipitation sooner than later.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Late Fall Tasks

November 20th, we winterized the irrigation system and shut down all the irrigation satellites for the season.  This is a full day worth or work, but very important as we head into the winter months.  The process went off without a hitch and we should be in good shape with the irrigation system as we head in the the spring of 2018.  

We spent several days working on the bunker depths throughout the course.  All bunkers were getting pretty low on sand, so we got the depths back in the 3-4" range.  Due to the amount of sand that was needed to get the where we want them, the bunkers will be very soft but should compact and firm up as winter goes on.  To help speed up the process, we rented a plate compactor and compacted them ourselves.  This really helped firm them up, but until we get some good moisture the sand will play really soft.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

#2 & #11 Landscape Bed Renovation

Below are images of what was recently planted in the landscape bed between #2 & #11 tee boxes.  We tore out the hostas and wild strawberry's (mainly weeds) and put down a weed liner, panted new materials and used rock to finish it off.  Come spring, it will start to take off and give us nice color all year long.  This will be be a huge improvement in such a highly visible area. 
Image result for astilbe rheinland
Astilbe Rheinland
Image result for veronica eveline
Veronica Eveline
Image result for karl foerster
Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass
Image result for hydrangea pinky winky
Hydrangea Pinky Winky