Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Reservoir Tour

MUD finished draining the reservoir last week and today I got to take a tour.  The structure is huge and is built rock solid.  Some numbers on the structure:

-Holds 26 million gallons of water (all drinking water)
-190-200 pillars for support
-Build in the early 1950's
-40' tall
-Drain, clean and inspect every 5 years

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Reservoir Draining

MUD started draining the reservoir on Monday and it will continue to do so until early next week.  They drain the reservoir every five years and go in with high pressure hoses to clean and inspect the structure.  In the mean time, it leaves us with a beautiful pond left of #1 fairway.  This has been discussed as a permanent water hazard and if we throw a fountain in there and landscape the edges...how pretty would that be?! 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New Trees

Today, we are planting a total of 7 new trees (3-Maple;2-Oak,2-Locust) on the golf course.  They are in locations where trees previously were but have been removed due to storm damage or were near death.  The locations were picked out by myself, Kevin and green & grounds committee and are placed with safety and play-ability in mind.  You will find the new trees on:
#2 (tee and between #2/#11 fairway)
#8 (left of fairway and right of green)
#15 (left of fairway past the pot bunkers)  

We will continue to prune/remove trees over the winter months, but the areas we've got cleaned up look great.  Thanks for your continued support.

#15 Before
#15 After
#15 View from Fairway