Monday, May 12, 2014

Storm Damage

Last night brought the city of Omaha severe storms and flash flooding. At FCO, we ended up with 2.7" of rain and some tree damage however we had no major tree loss. There are some large limbs down which is what the crew is cleaning up right now.  With the way the storm was tracking, things could have been much worse. Things will be cleaned up and back to normal by mid week.  Thanks for you patience. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

#13 Tee Complex

Above are Before, During and After shots of #13 Tee Complex.  This area suffered severe winter damage, so we took this opportunity to not only re-sod the entire tee, but to re-surface the complex as well.  Over the years tees tend to lose their grade and become uneven causing the golfer to have an awkward stance while teeing off.  To correct the problem, we stripped the sod and used a box scraper to even out the area.  Once we got rough grade, we used our bunker rake to final grade/smooth out the area before laying the sod.  Temporary tees have been set in front of the tee box and our hope is to have it opened up in the next two weeks. 
Note: #17 Tee was also completed and temporary markers are also in front of that complex.