Saturday, September 20, 2014

#13 Green Expansion

#13 Before Renovation
Sod Cut Existing Collar and Rough

Sod Removed, Ready to Dig for New Root Zone

Dug Out and Removed Existing Soil

5 1/2-6" Depth for New Blend

85/15 Blend was Brought In

Smoothed, Tamped and Final Grade for Sod

Beginning the Sod Process

Final Look from Fairway
View from Behind the Green

By expanding this green, we're now able to bring the front left bunker in to play.  We will now be able to put pins along the left side of the green giving us much needed pin location options.  This green was built to match the existing profile of the current green giving us consistency throughout the entire green.  The sod that was used was stripped from our Nursery which will give us the same turf varieties throughout.  Once it roots, we will aerify and topdress several times this fall and get it open for play as soon a possible. The project was completed by my maintenance team and they did a wonderful job!  We started this on Tuesday and finished up on Friday.  Great work Boys!

New Path- #15 Green


As you can see, the new path right of #15 Green was installed on Wednesday by Flynn Paving.  They completed the project in 1 day and as expected, it makes in immediate impact on the appearance and comfort of the area.  In the coming weeks, we will backfill along the path edges and eventually seed the bank right of the path. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tee Aerification

Yesterday, we completed the aerification of the Tee Boxes.  Below are pictures of the steps that were taken to complete the task with a brief description that summarizes the step.  Long story short, it went well and they are ready for play!

5/8" Core, 3" Deep
Pulverizing Cores with Rough Mower 
Difference After 2 Passes
The Aftermath....SORRY BILL!!

Cleaned Up and Ready for Play

Friday, September 5, 2014

Time for a Change.....

To the untrained eye, those are just a basic planting of mums around the FCO sign.  However, if you look closely they are Red and Yellow...yes, the colors a powerhouse program- Iowa State.  I know this goes against your core Nebraska pride, but give it a chance and let the new colors take over your life.  If you don't get your fix of the Cyclones, please notice the other batch on #18 Tee.  ENJOY!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fall Greens Aerification

Jose and the boys in action
1/2" Cores pulled and cleaned up, ready for Topdressing
All holes filled and excess sand blown off, now ready for mowing
Double cut with triplex to remove any extra sand on surface followed by a roll to smooth out any bumps

Here is a step by step process of how we performed our greens aerification.  My hat goes off to my maintenance team as they worked tirelessly to complete this process and get the greens back in great playing condition immediately.  Today, we mowed and rolled again this morning and the greens are rolling at a great speed, but more importantly they are smooth!