Thursday, July 30, 2015

Course Update through July

July is almost in the books (thankfully) and in the coming few weeks days will begin  to noticeably shorten and humidity will begin to trickle down (hopefully).  I will use this post to summarize the past few weeks as it's been a while since I've put out a post.  

This month has been filled with extreme heat, humidity and gross dew points.  Those three factors make for very high disease pressure (dollar spot, brown patch, pythium, and grey leaf spot).  At FCO, we are very susceptible to fungal disease due to the lack of air movement and having Perennail Ryegrass as the primary species of turf in the Tees and Fairways.  To help combat the pressures, we closely monitor the moisture levels with our moisture meters and avoid over watering.  Luckily, we've missed the majority of the 'pop up' thunderstorms that have hit hard south of the metro.  Chemical controls are used as well to keep the turf plant healthy and disease free.  To date, we have a few 'dings' in the fairways, but I would consider it a successful month with the conditions we were delt.  

Greens Update:  
#2:  We removed the pieces of sod that got hot and re-sodded them and roped them off.  That green is on the mend now and will no longer be an issue in the coming weeks.  

#13:  This green has filled in nicely and has made positive improvements weekly.  Once the heat breaks, we'll continue to needle tine and topdress (all greens) which will aide in recovery and filling in.

#14:  Since closing, this green has been overseeded with bentgrass seed three times.  If you look at it, you'll notice all the newly germinated seedlings and see that it's filling in nicely.  I foliar apply fertilizer and fungicide to this green weekly to help it along.  I am on the green daily to scout for disease (melting out and damping off)  which is a major concern given the amount of seed we've drilled into it.  We are planning to re-open the green on August 11th, but will continue to monitor and open as soon as it's ready.  

Monday, July 6, 2015

Greens Overseeding

Today we overseeded greens with 'Pure Select' Creeping Bentgrass.  We are/will be doing this yearly in the summer (possibly 2x/year) with a goal to incorporate more bentgrass in the putting surface and push out as much Poa as possible.  Why seed in the heart of summer?  This is when the Poa plant is at its weakest, so this will give the bentgrass a chance to get established.  This is being done to get ahead of the game and in hopes to help reduce our winter kill issues.  

We took this approach to the  tees and fairways over the past three years.  We committed and more importantly, STAYED committed to our overseeding program on these surfaces.  We overseed them at a rate of 6lb/M (Perennial Ryegrass) yearly and have had great results in doing so.  Hopefully we have the same success on the greens as we did the tees and fairways.