Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Venting Greens

With the 3" of rain over the past 5 days, the greens needed some fresh air!  Monday, we used needle tines and went about 3" deep to vent the top layer of the greens.  Besides being a little softer, this process does not affect ball roll what so ever.  The greens perked up nicely and really look healthy as we approach the winter months.  Weather pending, we will do this process one more time prior to covering greens for the season.   

Fairway Overseeding

Last month, we completed the fairway overseeding process which I started doing five years ago.  This process has made a huge improvement on the density and condition of our fairways.  During tee aerification, we overseed the tees as well.  In this process, we use a total of 4500 lbs of seed which breaks down to a 5lb/m application rate.  It is a long process, but well worth it when completed!